„WaterWellness & Volcano-Power“/Energy-Journey 

Azorian Winter Sao Miguel 

18.3. – 23.3.2019

Magic of water deeply touching – consciously living the encounters with the water inside you and all around you in the middle of the Atlantic  heritage in Sao Miguel, the main island of the Azorian archipelago. Sensitively guided to recognize your personal truth. Where the thin earth-crust conjures up hot springs and volcanic landscapes for ages we find magical botanical treasures like huge tree ferns, centuries-old trees, camellias, roses and powerful plants in the crater-valley of Furnas like in a wonderful fairy-kingdom. In this protected, lovely surrounding we deeply dive into the world of aquatic relaxation grace to the balancing experiences of WATSUâ, HealingDance and soft Water-Relax-Treatments in body-warm thermal waters. We stay in Furnas Boutique Hotel with thermal indoor- and outdoor-pools for pure water-enjoyment ideally located also for clearing and stimulating hikes in the volcanic nature nearby. These are perfect conditions to deliberate the young annual cycle in love and gratitude full of potential from used and incriminating and to establish solid roots to personal heart-wishes, visions and life aims. Soft enjoyment full of joy carried in love by the elements up close.

Schedule: Mo 18.3.19   Arrival to Sao Miguel island, Transfer from intl. airport to Furnas Boutique Hotel 19.3.19              In the morning we will explore the lovely neighborhood in Furnas and the related crater-valley with its hot springs, the thermal pools and botanical treasures all around. Later, the day will lead us to the magic relaxing healing world of aquatic bodywork with our professional sensitive Watsuâ-practitioner 


3. day/We 20.3.19           During a guided full-day tour we will get closer to the Atlantic impressions, volcanic lakes and unique landscapes of the fairy-tale island of Sao Miguel to inhale the soul-nourishing magnificent Atlantic sounds – fragrances – colours and tastes in an intense manner


4. day/Th 21.3.19             This day allows again to enjoy the magical relaxing and healing experience of aquatic bodywork with our experienced Watsuâ-practitioner. In the remaining free time you will find space to BE in close encounters with nature and to relax in the quiet surrounding or to hike or enjoy a bicycle-ride. Furnas, with its hot springs and the botanical garden with thermal lake present quietness and meditative relaxation


5. day/ Fr 22.3.19             This day once again allows to enjoy the magical relaxing and healing experience of aquatic bodywork with our experienced Watsuâ-practitioner. On demand, you can enjoy an oceantour the meet the big whales and jumping dolphins or join a local cooking class for the famous dish “cozido”, which is boiled in the close-by world-known hot earth-holes of Furnas – vegetarian version is also possible!


6. day/ Sa 23.3.19            Departure from Sao Miguel or individual extension in Sao Miguel, any other Azorian island or in Lisbon






5 x overnight & breakfast              Furnas Boutique Hotel – Sao Miguel  on double-room basis

1 x Furnas – walk/halfday

1 x island--Tour /full-day 

3 x intensive individual Watsuâ-Relax treatments

Transfers Sao Miguel airport – hotel - airport

Accompanied & personally guided by: Silke Matz & TourBalance-Team

Watsuâ-practioner: Rui Granja


Costs: EUR 789,-  (single-supplement EUR 345,-)


All costs in addition to airfares

(it will be a pleasure to offer the matching flight for you)

Subject to changes


Date       18MAR – 23MAR19

Min./Max. participants: 6 – 10 guests 

If less than 6 guests are registered the trip can be effected with increased costs

Changes of length of stay with pre-/post-program possible upon request


Accommodation in Sao Miguel „Furnas Boutique Hotel“

This recently attractively refurbished traditional refreshing hotel offers us the ideal inspiring frame and surrounding for our concentration on quietness, regeneration and nature-based energy-experience with its relaxation-supporting thermal pools next to the 10.000sqm sized deeply rooted botanical garden of Terry Nostra 

Sauna, steam-bath, indoor- & outdoor-thermal pools, garden, massage-treatments (charges for treatments separately)


Aquatic body-work Watsuâ– water-Relax treatments

Watsuâ is a form of aquatic bodywork used for deep relaxation and passive aquatic therapy

Watsuâ, originally developed by Harold Dull at Harbin Hot Springs, California in the early 1980s, combines elements of muscle stretchingjoint mobilizationmassageShiatsu, and dance, performed in chest-deep warm water (around 35°C = 95°F). The receiver is continuously supported by a practitioner or therapist while being backfloated, rhythmically cradled, moved, stretched, and massaged (Wikipedia)


Finding retreat and quietness – feel invited to give yourself permission for an intense clearing and building time-out midst the Atlantic origin of nature  Finding a new direction in life: take a break – cleaning and detoxification of emotional and physical garbage, new orientation and recharging of batteries The winter-months in the Nordic hemisphere are used by nature for regeneration – follow this impulse and let yourself be inspired and balanced by mild temperatures, fairy-tale fern-forests, hot springs, thermal treatments, crater-lakes, volcanoes, caves and endless quietness as a contrast to the lively wild ocean around you. This guided Azores-winter-trip to Sao Miguel with like-minded can provide you the way with personal steps in balance for joy, love and wellbeing, bliss, abundance, gratitude and peace in life far from everyday overload, sadness or emptiness. Let your inner sun shine clearly by the balanced help of the elements water – fire – earth – air – love !


18.3. - 23.3.2019